El nivel A1.
Primer nivel del Marco Común Europeo de Referencia (MCER)

El nivel A1 corresponde al primer nivel usuarios básicos con el idioma, es decir, aquellos capaces de comunicarse en situaciones cotidianas con expresiones de uso frecuente y utilizando vocabulario elemental.

Unit 1


  1. How to say Hello and Goodbye.
  2. How to meet people.
  3. To use basic expressions.
  4. Classroom objects vocabulary.
  5. The verb To Be.
  6. The use of adjectives of description.

Unit 2


  1. Useful questions and expressions to communicate in English.
  2. How to give and receive instructions.
  3. How to express possession.
  4. The English alphabet.
  5. How to spell names and objects.
  6. Family vocabulary.

Unit 3


  1. Classroom vocabulary.
  2. The use of colors.
  3. How to ask for dates and birthdays.

Unit 4


  1. How to ask for someone’s age.
  2. Fruit and animal vocabulary.
  3. How to describe something.
  4. How to ask and give assistance.
  5. Numbers from 1 to 1,000.