Where are you from?
John is nineteen years old. He ‘s a student and he’s from Rome. He is not in Italy at the moment, he is in England, at University. He is with some other students. They are not English. They are all from different countries and they are in England for the first time. At the moment they are sitting at the cafe.

John: Hello! I’m John. What’s your name?
Carina: Hi! I’m Carina. Are you a student here?
John: Yes, I am. Where are you from Carina?
Carina: Sweden. What about you? Where are you from?
John: Italy. This is my friend Giovanni.
Carina: Nice to meet you Giovanni, are you from Italy too?
Giovanni: Yes, I am.
Carina: What part of the country are you from?
Giovanni: I’m from Napoles. It’s a large city south of Italy. This is Maria and her cousin Tabitha. They are from La Palma, The Canary Islands.
Carina: Nice to meet you.
Tabitha: Nice to meet you too.