Read the information about the teacher’s activities during her routine. Practice the pronunciation and then make an audio recording reading it for a second time.


Hello, my name is Sandra and I live in Santiago. I am a Math’s teacher and I am going to talk about my routine in this pandemic.

I usually get up at 8 o’clock. After getting a shower and having breakfast, I turn my computer on and start my virtual lessons. Sometimes I use the software called “meet” to make video calls. Other teachers prefer to use “Zoom”. I have lessons with each grade only once a week because of the lousy internet connection.

My students often have problems with their internet, too, so the students that always attend my lessons are few. Frequently, I send them the learning material via Whatsapp. They often ask me to explain them the exercises through that social media. It is a little difficult to do so because we are not seeing each other’s faces.

In spite of all the difficulties, I never give up on my wish to do my best to help my students.