Hannah Montana is a famous actress. She is from the United Stated of America and she loves traveling. Hannah is planning to travel to Cuzco in Peru, she’s going to travel next Friday and she’s going to stay in Peru for three weeks. She’s going to visit Sacsayhuaman and then Machu Picchu. She likes Peruvian culture, and she’s going to eat delicious Cuzco traditional food. Hannah has friends in Lima; so after Cuzco, she’s going to go there and she’s going to visit her friends, too. They live in San Luis and they are going to prepare a big welcome party for Hannah, they love her a lot and they are going to buy a lot of presents for her. After one week, she’s going to travel to Arequipa, she’s going to take a lot of pictures and she’s going to buy some souvenirs and take them back to the United States.