Jane: Hi, do you want to go and get some lunch?
Lucy: Yes that would be great.
Jane: I want to try the new coffee on the corner of the High Street.
Lucy: Are you sure, it’s very small and we may have to sit outside.
Jane: Yes that’s why I want to go. It’s autumn already and the weather might not be good for eating outside again until the spring.
Lucy: It looks as if it might rain soon. There has been some drizzle this morning.
Jane: No, the sky is clear and you can see the sun. That will make it warm.
Lucy: But there’s a gusty wind that makes it a bit chilly.
Jane: We can wear out coats. It’s been overcast for weeks. I want to sit in the sun for a bit.
Lucy: Ok, but if it starts to snow we have to go inside, alright.